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Artistic Rights To Illustrations

Your pet portrait is created for YOU to be a reminder of why YOU love your fur baby.  For example, you are welcome to print the digital Artwork and frame it for your wall.  You can print it on your personal stationery.  You can post the digital Artwork on your social media to share your pet's appeal, character, and cuteness with friends, family, and associates. 

The Pet Portrait you order from me is a creative work intended to give you a lifetime of joy and a way to remember why you adore your pet. Here is the legal stuff:

Ownership of Artwork. Jack Meigs (hereinafter "Artist") retains all ownership rights to the Artwork as an artistic work, including marketing,  copyright and exhibition rights.  Artist shall be entitled to include the Artwork in photographs, books, films or videotapes, as digital or printed illustrations and as an incidental part of advertising for a business conducted by Artist or on his behalf.  

No title or right to the Leased Artwork shall pass to the Client, except the specific enumerated rights herein expressly granted: Client may display the Artwork for personal and/or social purposes only, and may not otherwise reproduce, sell, or publish the Artwork on the internet, in print, or any other medium.  Client agrees to display the identity of the Artist  by exhibiting the Artist's signature found on the Artwork in every display of the Artwork.   

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